Why You Shouldn't Ignore Hemorrhoids

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Hemorrhoids

Estimates put the number of Americans with hemorrhoids at around 50% of adults over 50, so if you have some, you’re definitely not alone. “Piles” or “grapes,” as some people call them, aren’t just an inconvenience to be suffered in silence, however. Your hemorrhoids could require medical attention.

At Texas Surgical Care in Kingwood, Texas, Dr. Ronald Ambe can provide you with an accurate assessment of your hemorrhoids and treat them to keep them from becoming an even bigger problem. 

The pain of hemorrhoids 

If the veins in your anus and rectum become swollen and irritated, you can start having hemorrhoid symptoms. These include

In some cases, hemorrhoids can resolve by themselves. However, if you have persistent or recurring hemorrhoids, you shouldn’t ignore them. Here’s why. 

Hemorrhoids can get worse

There are two types of hemorrhoids, each with its own risks.

Internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids line the walls of the anus and are usually painless at first. However, left untreated, they can prolapse through your anus. 

External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are visible on the outside of your rectum and feel itchy and painful. If they aren’t treated, they can develop blood clots, becoming thrombosed.  

It might not even be hemorrhoids

What looks or feels like hemorrhoids could be an indication of something far more serious. Many of the symptoms described above, especially bleeding, pain, and lumps at your rectum, could also be caused by 

If you’ve treated your hemorrhoids at home for more than a week, and there’s no sign of improvement, don’t ignore the issue. Schedule an appointment to talk with Dr. Ambe about your symptoms. He can provide a definitive diagnosis, prescribe treatment if your hemorrhoids are severe, and tell you if there’s another problem you should be aware of. 

Dr. Ambe provides counseling for lifestyle changes that can help you with your hemorrhoids. If you have persistent or severe hemorrhoids, he can also perform one of several surgical procedures such as:

Are you struggling with symptoms of hemorrhoids? Don't ignore them, as they could get worse or might even be a more serious condition. You can get in touch with Dr. Ambe at Texas Surgical Care by calling 832-280-8691, or request an appointment online

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