When Gallbladder Surgery Might Be Necessary

Like any other organ, a lot can go wrong with your gallbladder. Poor functioning, gallstones, and even cancer can result in painful complications that interrupt your life and make you concerned for your health.  

If left untreated, these issues can quickly become life-threatening. Having an experienced, reliable surgeon on your side can make it easier to diagnose and treat gallbladder issues before they become serious. 

At Texas Surgical Care in Kingwood, Texas, Dr. Ronald Ambe can advise you if you need gallbladder surgery, and expertly remove a diseased gallbladder if necessary.

Common gallbladder complications 

Your gallbladder is a small organ that produces bile. Bile helps break down fat in your small intestine, making it necessary for digestion. However, the gallbladder can be affected by a number of diseases, including: 

Symptoms of a gallbladder problem might be subtle at first. You might experience nausea or discomfort after eating, abdominal tenderness, and pain. If you experience an unexplained fever and sudden, severe abdominal pain, you should get the issue handled immediately. 

From there, your doctor can diagnose the issue and begin discussing your options — which might involve surgery. 

Signs you might need surgery 

Mild gallbladder ailments can be treated with lifestyle changes. Your doctor might recommend over-the-counter medications and a diet/exercise plan to help you manage your condition. Reducing the amount of fat in your diet can help reduce bile production and prevent attacks.

However, if your gallbladder issues are severely impacting your daily life and overall health, your doctor might recommend you for surgery. Gallstone removal is a common procedure in many cases, but those with severe, chronic issues might require a cholecystectomy, or full removal of the gallbladder. 

Signs you might require gallbladder surgery include: 

There are three primary methods of cholecystectomy: open, robotic, and laparoscopic. Dr. Ambe prefers to use minimally invasive methods when possible, but you might require an open surgery if you’re obese, seriously ill, or have a history of abdominal surgery. 

Are you suffering from digestive issues caused by your gallbladder? It might be time to look into surgery as an option. Get in touch with Dr. Ambe by calling 832-280-8691, or request an appointment online.

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