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    Texas Surgical Care specializes in general surgery and colorectal surgery. Dr. Ronald Ambe provides broad surgical care with a focus in the evaluation, diagnosis and management of diseases of the colon, rectum and anus as well as routine general surgery procedures. Dr. Ambe and his staff are dedicated to patient care.


    Mission: Our goal is to provide high-quality, safe, efficient and compassionate medical and surgical care to our patientswhile advancing the art and science of General surgery and Colorectal surgery.

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Anal Abscess

North American spine laser spine surgery

Abscesses do occur around the anal area as well. They are associated with significant pain and distress to the patient. Other signs of infection such as fever, chills, may be noted. When they occur, a drainage procedure is usually recommended to facilitate healing and provide rapid comfort to the patient. Depending on the extent of the infection, the drainage can be performed in the office setting, ER, or in the operating room.